Cruisin’ the Coast 2021 Feature Cars

Rain or shine, the cars are out Cruisin’ the Coast and making a splash.

A little rain isn’t stopping car lovers from Cruisin’ the Coast. This year, all eyes are on two cars: an orange 1957 Chevy Wagon and a black 1957 Chevy 210.

The orange Chevy wagon belongs to Garret’s Rod Shop, a shop out of Columbus, Ohio. Karl Schulman, who is part of the family run business, says the car is actually his mom’s car. “This is a car we built several years ago, just a different take on a 57 wagon. We went with a beach theme. So, it’s kind of why we got invited to the 2021 Cruisin’ the Coast.”

The black Chevy 210 belongs to Big Oak Garage. A father-son hot rod shop from northern Alabama. Jimmy Posey, co-owner of the shop, tells News 25 Chevy 210 debuted last year and was such a hot ride it was asked to be a featured car for Cruisin’ the Coast this year. “It was at Scottie D’s Dirty Dozen, and 18 Motor Gear is one of the promotors of that show, he also does the t-shirts down here. He asked us if we would bring the car down here.”

The black Chevy 210 is a big block Chevrolet with a five 72 cubic inch Magnuson super charge. “It’s on an Art Morrison Chassis, has vintage air and shock wheels. It’s just a well built, little straight, little hot rod, 57 Chevrolet.”

The orange 1957 Chevy Wagon is a small block Chevy with upgrades in the suspension and in the engine. “We tried to make it as if the factory was to try to build that car today. This is what we would say our take on it is.”

Some of the perks of having a feature car at Cruisin’ the Coast is that you get your car showcased on the event’s t-shirt. You also get your car featured at every show and you get a perfect parking spot at each event. “It’s great to be back here. We love this show.”

“The whole experience of Cruisin’ the Coast is like no other show you go to.”

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