Cruisin’ the River City festivities take place in Moss Point

Cruisin’ the Coast officially kicked off on Sunday.

Cruisin’ officially revved up its engines in Jackson County. From first-timers to regulars, the City of Moss Point is full of people enjoying themselves. Bo Revels even made the trip to the Coast from Arkansas. “I have not been to a Cruisin’ the Coast before, this is my first time. I’ve been to plenty of car shows in Hope, but it’s nothing like this.”

Regulars like Jerome Lett from Pascagoula who has had his Chevrolet for 12 years comes to show it off at every Cruisin’. He said the event has a way of bringing back old times. “Oh you’ll love it, just seeing all the old cars, bringing memories back when you see these old cars, you hardly see them anymore. It’s just a thrill to see them all running around out here, I just love it.”

Not only are local Mississippians enjoying this event, but also people from all across the United States. They come to show off their car and enjoy a little bit of Southern hospitality. North Carolina resident Debbie Daniels said, “It’s a little over 600 miles for us to come, but we enjoy the trip, we drive the car and again, the hospitality here is great.”

And amidst COVID and now a brewing hurricane in the Gulf, it is easy to see that nothing can get in the way of these Cruisers having a good time.

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