Cruisin’ the Coast Car Corral at Treasure Bay

It is day four and Cruisin’ the Coast is going full throttle as we head closer to the weekend, some of this year’s cruisers are really going the distance.

“I want that one.” “Call the bank.” Chris Wolfschlag knows a good investment and treasure when he sees it. “I’m really partial to the old 1960s panel wagons myself. She likes the Mustangs and Chevelles. (But I think you’d settle for one of those cars over your shoulder.) If she had one, I’d have to get one-his and hers. I wish I could afford it. (Sounds like she has a good man, one who thinks about his wife like that.)  Of course-39 years, that’s why I’m still married.”

The Wolfschlags have been married longer than some of these Cruisin’ classic cars have been around and Kim had already mapped out how to get husband Chris on board with this year’s Cruisin’ plans. “We were down here about three months last winter, and loved it. I knew he liked these kind of cars, so I though, ok, I’m going to get him to come down here.”

Debra Henson and Cody Wilson are from Baton Rouge and keeping an eye on the storm system out in the Gulf, but much prefer the view here in sunny South Mississippi. Henson said, “We’ve really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful vehicles. It’s been a fantastic view just watching them go up and down the street.”

Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi plays host to the Car Corral each year and it’s definitely a sure bet for any vintage or antique car lover. Wilson said, “It’s been pretty cool just riding in it and experiencing it in an old school car. My favorite part is when he does the burnouts.”

As for the Wolfschlags, they’re in it for the long haul and you just may see them at next year’s Cruisin’ riding in one of these shiny beauties. “We’re spending the inheritance of our niece and nephews.”

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