Cruisin’ the Coast $28.6 million impact

The entire state’s total economic impact from 2016’s Cruisin’ the Coast is up 35 percent since 2011. Officials predict future numbers to just keep growing.
The numbers from the 20th annual Cruisin’ the Coast event were announced at a press conference in Biloxi this afternoon. The last time officials measured the economic impact of the event was in 2011. 2016’s big total comes to a $28.6 million impact for Mississippi compared to the $21.2 million the state drew for Cruisin’ the Coast in 2011. Bradley Research Group President Dr. Gregory Bradley said, “I expect spending to increase and I expect visitation to increase to a certain degree. Now, at some point, you’re going to reach capacity unless you elongate further, but I have no doubt that spending will continue to increase and we’ll continue to see growth in this event on the Coast.”
For our Coast alone, the economic impact totaled over $26 million. The study’s data was taken from stores, hotels, restaurants, casinos, and other amusement and recreational industries. Locals were not included in the study.

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