Cruisers roll into Goula Cruise

Today, Cruisers drove through Pascagoula to show off their hotrods.

Car enthusiasts sat out enjoying live entertainment, food, and hot rods in Beach Park at Goula Cruise. Buddy Ryals, a Cruiser from Metairie, Louisiana, has been rolling down for Cruisin’ the Coast since it began 25 years ago in Gulfport. “The first year we came, the headquarters were at the Rice Pavilion in Gulfport. I don’t remember how many cars were there. It was not a lot. I saw a little ad in a magazine and I told my wife let’s go investigate it. So, we did and I wouldn’t miss it.”

After coming to the inaugural car festival in 1996, Ryles decided to make it an annual trip, inviting his friends to join him. “Everybody brings a car and we have a good time.”

The three-day event brings Cruisers together from all over to enjoy all the City of Pascagoula has to offer. William Miller drove 825 miles from Kokomo, Indiana in his 1927 Model T Ford car. “I have owned this car 54 years. I have rebuilt it four times and I drive it every day that I get a chance.”

The hot pink Model T Ford is equipped with a 392 Chrysler Hemi motor with an all-independent suspension underneath polished in stainless steel.

The 94-year-old Model T has become more than just a car to Miller. “All my grandkids have drove it. My kids have driven it. It’s a part of the family.”

The beach views, the weather, and the atmosphere keep the Cruisers coming back. “It’s the camaraderie. It’s the getting together. It’s the having fun, that’s what brings us back.”

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