Cruisers get the chance to buy classics at the Car Corral in Biloxi

If you do not have your own antique car to drive around in, don’t worry! There is plenty of time to buy one while Cruisin’ continues.

At the Biloxi Car Corral, just east of Treasure Bay, people walked around viewing what was up for sale. One vehicle stood out the most.

The old 48 Ford was found in an abandoned field by its first owner. The current owner, Bill Wardlaw, bought the vehicle six months ago. Wardlaw redid the engine, interior, and exterior of the car just in time for Cruisin’ the Coast.

Wardlaw tells News 25 all the time he spent fixing it up, he had doubts about selling it, but felt like it was time to pass the vehicle to a new owner to enjoy his work and put more time in other vehicles. “Yeah, I’m going to miss it so bad. I mean, my grandkids ride in it and memories build up. Everyday we ride out in the country. We live in the country. We ride the country roads. My dogs ride with us and we just have a good time. When you work on stuff and get attached to something so much, it’s hard to sell it.”

The Car Corral continues Friday morning starting at 9 a.m. and goes until 5 p.m.

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