Cruisers compete in flamethrowing contest at the Island View Casino Resort

The excitement was blazing tonight at the Island View Casino Resort for this year’s Flamethrowing Competition.

Cruisers who signed up for the event each took turns showing off their best moves while spewing scorching flames from their exhaust pipes.

This year featured two competitions: one for Cruisin’ cars and another for the larger trucks. People from all over the country came just to participate in this event including Ron Janes who drove all the way from Indiana just to participate in the event for the first time. “We’ve heard about it for so many years and we decided we were gonna come and check it out. We tried to make it last year but couldn’t make it. We made it this year and we’re gonna come back next year for sure. It’s just all the people, all the cars, the weather’s awesome. It’s cold where we’re from right now so we’re just gonna go out and do what we do and if we win, we win. We don’t, we don’t. It’s for the kids anyways.”

Cash prizes were given out to winners of both the audience favorite and the resort’s favorite in each category.

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