Crossroads Elementary celebrates Kyleigh Ward

It’s a story that’s touched the hearts of many here in South Mississippi as one school community came together this week to celebrate a special student.

Six-year-old Kyleigh Ward is a local kindergartener fighting a mighty battle.  The Crossroads Elementary student has had pulmonary hypertension since birth, was diagnosed with heart failure, and is waiting to receive a heart transplant. Crossroad Elementary Principal Milton Ray said, “She’s definitely a Croc. She’s strong, she’s dedicated, she’s a smart young lady, and she’s a part of our family.”

That’s why teachers and students alike decided to recognize her fighting spirit and celebrate their friend at school on Monday morning.

With family by her side, Kyleigh walked into the school’s gym to see the student body waving signs and chanting her name, moving her to tears. Teacher Ursula Taylor said, “It was very emotional, we wanted her to know that we love her, and we’re definitely praying for her, and we know she’s going to get through this.”

Kyleigh’s mother, Briancca Trammel, says her family is touched by the way the school came together to support her daughter with gifts and even a certificate to recognize all that she’s accomplished so far. “I thank everybody for all the well wishes and prayers. She’ll get through this for sure.”

As she waits for her transplant, school leaders say they’ll be there for Kyleigh every step of the way. “We wanted to let Kyleigh and her mother and grandmother know that we are a family at Crossroads, and we are here to support them in any way possible.”

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