‘Crossroads: Change in Rural America’ exhibit at the Waveland Ground Zero Hurricane Museum

The Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street, in cooperation with Mississippi Humanities Council, came together to showcase the ‘Crossroads: Change in Rural America” exhibit at the Waveland Ground Zero Hurricane Museum.

The exhibition will tour six communities in Mississippi and Waveland is the only host site on the Coast.

The exhibit explores how rural American communities changed in the 20th century. The interactive exhibit showcases six panels that each tell a different story.

Bernie Cullen, museum board chair and project director, tells News 25 the exhibit allows residents in Hancock County to learn about the rich and rural heritage. “We really liked the fact that it was Crossroads: Changes in Rural America because you know we are rural, we got some city, we got some country in us but when we look at the information about this exhibit, when you look at change when you look at persevering, when you look at community, it just fit Waveland and it fit Hancock County. So, what we also decided to do as a board is we didn’t just look at it as a Waveland project, we looked at it as a Hancock County project.”

“Crossroads: Change in Rural America” will be set up at the Waveland Ground Zero Hurricane Museum until Saturday, August 14th. Admission is free.

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