Crossing the Border to win the Jackpot

It’s a chance to win millions and millions of dollars. Some people on the Coast are not letting that chance slip away, even if it means driving all the way across the border.
The multi-state Powerball jackpot is estimated at $348 million for tonight’s drawing. The top prize for the Louisiana Lotto is up to $1.2 million. Tons of people from Louisiana, Mississippi and in between were buying lottery tickets tonight at Fast Trac gas station in Slidell.
People hopeful to take home the riches tell News 25 what they would do with the money. Long Beach resident Archie Sellier said, “Pay off all my bills, all my family’s bill and whatever’s left over divide it up equally between all my family members.” Slidell resident Debra Buie said, “The first thing I would do is try to help some of these disabled children and donate to a lot of the causes. The rest of it, I would just enjoy the rest of my life.”
The winning numbers for the jackpot are 47 69 30 66 57 with the Powerball number being 3.

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