Croatian general and ambassador visit the Gulf Coast

The Croatian Consulate General Sanja Lakovic and Pjer Simunovic, the current Croatian ambassador to the United States, stopped by Biloxi City Hall to meet with the mayor and other officials across the Coast.

In 1913, the Slavonian Lodge emerged after the Croatian-speaking Slavs emigrated from the turmoil of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and found a place in Biloxi’s seafood industry. They began migrating from Louisiana to Biloxi around the turn of the century.

The City of Biloxi Austrians, Yugoslavs, and Croatians have deep ties to this day. Simunovic said, “This is one of the places in the U.S. when the traditional Croatian Americans have truly made an impact, stretching back more than 100 years ago, making it with their creativeness, commitment, hard labor, distinct contribution to the greatness of America.”

While in the area, they will be stopping in Louisiana for the second annual Croatian Culture and Food Festival that is set to take place on Saturday.

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