Cristobal clean up in Pass Christian

Cristobal clean up continues today in Pass Christian. City crews and residents will be busy over the next week and a half in the wake of this rainmaker.

What a difference a day makes. Mary-Catherine Scriber and her family watched the water rise around their home in Pass Christian’s Timber Ridge subdivision Sunday afternoon. Her children didn’t stay spectators for long, jumping into action as Cristobal continued to push through. “Some furniture started to float, so they went and picked that up. They also moved boats and jet skis and cars.”

On Monday, the water had receded a good bit, but Cristobal did leave evidence behind as seen by a water mark left on the Scriber’s elevated home. “We’re here at the end of an inlet, and water tends to back up, so as high tide was approaching around 1 o’clock, the water just kept coming. We probably, at the highest point, had three and-a-half, four feet.”

Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott says city crews have been working around the clock the past few days, stationed throughout the city’s flooded and water-drenched areas. “We had a lot of them, and the areas that we didn’t have, we had some trees down on downed power lines, so basically, any place in town we were paralyzed. You couldn’t go anywhere. It was a tough day, and most people did stay in, but a lot of them were people who weren’t from here, and they had to maneuver their way in and out.”

Crews spent most of Monday clearing sand from Highway 90 which was closed for a few hours on Sunday in Pass Christian due to the flooding. Also on Sunday, Pass Christian police were busy rescuing people from their vehicles. Pass Christian Police Chief Daren Freeman said, “We diverted traffic on several locations of low lying areas on Highway 90 that were not passable. We had at least three locations on the west side and the east side that cars could not make it through safely so we diverted them north through side streets so cars could make it through safely.”

Chief Freeman and Mayor McDermott say Cristobal was a good test run as we head deeper into hurricane season, but they hope this first storm of the season will be the last.

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