Crime Stoppers holds annual state conference in Biloxi

Crime Stoppers hosted its annual state conference at the Golden Nugget for law enforcement and citizens to come together to get additional training when it comes to fighting crime.

Bill Allen traveled from Tupelo to Biloxi, along with 50 other people from across the state, to get training and more information on how they can help their local police departments.

Crime Stoppers is a program that relies on citizens’ tips to solve crimes and catch criminals. Allen said, “I use the term the three-leg stool. The three legs of the stool are the community, media, and law enforcement. Without one of those legs that stool is not going to stand, so it takes all three in order for us to be able to get the crime solved.”

The program offers cash rewards for information leading up to indictment or arrests. State Crime Stoppers Director Kristen Liberto said, “You can go online and submit a tip or you can call in and submit a tip. What you do is you’ll give your tip in. They will give you a password. So, your name is not involved in this and if an arrest is made based off your tip, then you will be sent a reward.”

From working with the media, creating an app, and having billboards made, Crime Stopper programs are always looking for new ways to gather information and spread awareness. “Recently, we partnered with the newly organized Army ROTC program at Tupelo High School. We provided t-shirts for them as a part of their uniform and on that t-shirt has our Crime Stopper logo and the telephone number and that’s going to help with the students at Tupelo High School. They see a lot of things and know a lot of things going on and we’re looking forward to that being something that will help us increase the amount of tips we get.”

For more information on how you can assist or leave a tip, visit

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