Crime Stoppers Appreciation Breakfast

It’s not often you see hundreds of law enforcement officers from across the Coast in one place.

That was the case this morning at the Golden Nugget for the annual Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast.

Crime Stoppers bridges the gap between the community and law enforcement to solve crimes.

This morning, Crime Stoppers used a hot breakfast to thank those officers who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. New Orleans Crime Stoppers CEO/President Darlene Cusanzea said, “It is everyone’s job to help be there and be the extra set of eyes and ears and what we are doing is making it better for everyone so particularly for the guys and ladies behind us. I know they appreciate us, but the most important thing we can do besides getting involved by sending information is to say thank you when you see an officer and let them know that we appreciate the service that they do.”

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