‘All Creatures Big and Small’ Pet Fundraising Event

Ice cream is known as comfort food, but this Saturday in Ocean Springs, community members brought comfort to the animals at the Jackson County Animal Shelter at the fourth annual ‘All Creatures Big and Small’ Pet Fundraising Event.

You usually go to Quakes to get ice cream, but this Saturday the Ocean Springs community has come to bring comfort to our four-legged friends, donating pet food and supplies to the Jackson County Animal Shelter honoring Sophia Myers.

Sophia Myers passed away after an eight-month battle with DIPG in 2017. Sophia’s dad, Joshua Myers, says the fourth annual ‘All Creatures Big and Small’ pet fundraiser is a way for them to continue remembering her legacy on the Coast and helping animals in need. “I think it’s something that she’d love, being out here every year with these animals. I know she’d be jealous cause she’d want to be out here helping out too. She loved every cat and dog. She wanted to be a veterinarian.”

Having community support is what makes this fundraiser a success each year. Children of all ages, including Sophia’s friends, come out to spend time with the animals while others come to Quakes with their trunks full of pet donations. “They bring all kinds of supplies. I think every year we fill the truck up and anything helps, blankets, towels, food. As long as it’s clean, we’ll take it.”

Quakes Owner Marie Garbin remembers those who lost their battle with DIPG and is blessed to use her business to spread awareness to the Ocean Springs community. “I think all of us are looking for our purpose and to know that I am doing something fruitful with my time and being able to use my business for something good, it really has been such a full circle blessing.”

This year, the fundraiser set a goal to fill a U-Haul truck of pet food and supplies to keep animals comfortable until they’re adopted.

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