‘Our Creative Space’ opening soon in Gulfport

Looking for a creative space to head into the new year? Well, look no further than Our Creative Space, a new business on the Gulf Coast looking to help people showcase their talents and artistic abilities.

Soothing music fills the room at Our Creative Space, a place where people and artists of every medium come together to collaborate on artistic things. Joseph Simpson, co-owner of Our Creative Space, tells News 25 exactly how the business came about. “My girlfriend and I are the ones who started it. We developed this because we wanted to open our own silver spooning studio, but this building that we found had enough space for our studio and an extra 900 square feet.”

Realizing how much space was available, Simpson and his girlfriend decided to open the rest of the studio up to the public. “We decided to open it up as a place for other people who needed a space to come and be creative, to be able to come and pursue their passions, and share their creative juices with other people. Show them how they do what they do so that other people can learn.”

Our Creative Space is open to anyone who has a passion for arts including creative writing, sculpting, painting, and even comedy. “I’m connected with this group of comedians called Land Mass Comedy. I have been talking to some of their members, but comedy is an art form as well.”

Our Creative Space is also offering workshops to help people perfect their craft. “I will be guiding the other artists, helping to cross promote between the different workshops that we hold.”

Our Creative Space will host a soft opening Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information visit their Facebook page.

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