Cracking down on crime in Moss Point

Violent crimes have been on the rise in Moss Point, but local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are stepping in to put a stop to it.

Moss Point Police Chief Brandon Ashley said, “I live in the City of Moss Point. I live right down the road from here and the violence can affect anyone.  It can affect my family, my wife, or my children. If they are out and about and get caught in the middle of some violent crime just innocent bystanders, so I have a stake in this you know because my family is here.”

There were seven homicide cases in Moss Point in 2018. Six of those cases were due to gun violence. “This is the worst year I can remember of violent crime. Just like I said, homicides, the most I can remember from my 18 year career here is maybe five in one year, but this, besides the homicides, we have shootings that are not homicides. People who got shot in the arm or in the leg or something like that. So we have had numerous shootings besides the homicides that people just didn’t pass away from.”

To bring the number of violent crimes in Moss Point down, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies along with the U.S. attorney’s office are launching ‘Project Eject.’ U.S. Attorney for Southern District of Mississippi Mike Hurst said, “Eject stands for empower, justice, expel crime together. What we are trying to do is take an approach that is not just about prosecuting, but it is about preventing crime. It is about rehabilitating offenders who are getting out of prison. It’s about making the public aware of what we are doing and the criminals aware of what we are doing so they will stop doing it.”

Moss Point Mayor Mario King said, “I think prevention is a sign of hope, but what i really think it does is it is also a tool of awareness which is the other focus here but i think prevention gives us the opportunity to stop crime before it happens and it also gets people engaged when you get people engaged you are actually preventing them from doing things, it shines a light on what people want to do and what people need and it’s almost like a needs assessment that decreases crime and helps us to engage community members and other things.”

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