Cowboy statue in Fishbone Alley

The Mississippi Sound Maritime Foundation has been placing public art all around the Coast for years. With the help of a local law firm, the Maritime Foundation was able to add to their already large collection of art. News 25’s Caroline Eaker was on hand as preparations began for the new statue in Fishbone Alley.
Sparks were flying Thursday in downtown Gulfport. Although a cowboy was involved, it wasn’t a shootout at the OK Corral. The law did get involved though, in fact, attorneys at Davis and Crump Law Firm had a hand in it. Working alongside the Maritime Foundation to keep this stainless steel faced cowboy off his high horse and settled in Fishbone Alley. Attorney Mark Davis said, “Our offices are in downtown Gulfport so we are big supporters of everything that is going on in this area and this was an opportunity for us to contribute.”
The silhouette of the cowboy will sit on the fire escape of the law firm and look down onto Fishbone Alley, therefore it is called ‘The Watching Cowboy.’ Sculpture Artist Gail Hendrickson said, “This option where it actually sits out from the fire escape and when you are walking by you can see it, it attracts a lot of attention and people will stop and see it and say ‘oh, look there’s a cowboy floating in the air.’”
It’s another fixture for locals and tourists as this downtown area continues to expand on several different levels. Mississippi Sound Maritime Historical Foundation President John Harral said, “An ongoing project to add to public art. It’s not just going to be in Fishbone Alley. A couple years ago we have had seven pieces of art distributed throughout downtown. So, indeed, we are going to put public art everywhere in the city as long as the money lasts.”
Adding more character to the second largest city in Mississippi and taking tourism to a whole new level. “You can’t find a great city in the entire world, in the entire world, that doesn’t have a strong element of public art and that’s why we think the Coast needs more public art,” said Harral.

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