COVID vaccines offered at dorm move-in day on MGCCC Perkinston Campus

Today was move-in day at the MGCCC Perkinston Campus and unlike any other, free COVID vaccines were available to students and staff.

With over 800 students moving into the dorms, MGCCC is committed to doing all they can to keep students safe and healthy while on campus.

Following CDC guidelines, all campuses require masks in indoor spaces and social distancing is available in classrooms.

This week, Singing River partnered with MGCCC and is offering COVID vaccines to students and staff on all campuses as they move in on campus and attend the first week of class. MGCCC Perkinston Campus Vice President Dr. Ladd Taylor said, “Each student with each dose gets a $25 Walmart gift card and we’re having vaccine drives, another one on the Perkinston campus this Thursday, the day that we start classes, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. That’s going on across the district. Singing River and Memorial are great partners so we could not pull off these vaccine drives without their help.”

It is not required for students and staff to be vaccinated to attend classes, but they hope the vaccine incentives will urge students to get the shot.

About 25 students received their vaccine on move-in day.

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