COVID vaccines approved for young children

Soon children ages five to 11 will be getting their COVID shots around the Coast.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccines which will come in vials with one-third of an adult dose.

Just like adults, children will be encouraged to receive two shots three weeks apart and a booster shot afterward.

At Memorial Children’s Clinic, children can receive the shot, wait for ten to 15 minutes to determine if there is a reaction and then leave.

Parents are being encouraged to get their five to 11-year-olds vaccinated as they can be vectors for COVID-19. Memorial Children’s Clinic Pediatrician David Reeves said, “Even though children do not have a lot of morbidity from COVID, by and large, they can be a reservoir for spreading it to older people, and especially older people with chronic conditions such as COPD, congestive heart failure and other illnesses.”

The vaccines should be available at Memorial Children’s Clinic late next week.

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