COVID-19 creates need for blood donors

If you’re looking for a way to help out your community during these trying times, look no further than the Blood Center. News 25’s Grace Boyles has our report from Jackson county.

One of the many impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the medical field has been the blood supply at hospitals.
Seeing this need in their own community, the Pascagoula Rotary club and the Singing River Health System teamed up to help put on a blood drive.

Melissa Schnoor, Community Health Manager at Singing River Health System says, “There is a shortage of blood, of course, because of COVID. So we are trying to do what we can do to help with the shortage. As you know, surgeries have started, but we don’t have the blood. So we’re doing everything we can and partner with the community to get them the blood that they need.”

And the community is eager to help.

Jennifer Garlich, Pascagoula Rotary Club says, “You know, people want to do stuff. I mean, it’s not just rotarians that are people of action; everybody wants to do stuff to help. And this is something you can do. This is an action you can take that you can feel good about and makes an impact on lots of lives, not just one life, but many lives.”

Now when you donate blood you’re not only helping someone who is in need of blood, you’re also able to get free COVID-19 antibodies testing.

Exciting news is that today and yesterday that started testing for antibody for the virus. So you cna get that now if you donate blood,” says Schnoor.

Within 48 hours of successfully giving blood, you can log into your blood center account and see the results of your antibody test.
Unsure of the importance of your antibody results? Here’s why they matter.

“They will know that they’ve been immune to it or they’ve had it. So, it is also helping with all the research to determine of you will get it again and help with the vaccine. So, it is very important information to have,” says Schnoor,

to ensure the health and safety of all donors, the blood center asks for you to go to to sign-up for an appointment to donate.

In Pascagoula, Grace Boyles, News 25.

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