Couple pays off student meals at Orange Grove Elementary

Orange Grove Elementary received a generous donation to pay off school meals from the fall semester.

Buster and Nelda Tindel donated $2,700 to their local elementary school. What was a small amount to them, is actually the largest donation to a Harrison County school in the last five years.

Orange Grove Elementary officials said the donation equates to about 900 meals for students.

The Tindels said, “It’s awesome. It’s awesome.” “It is, it really is awesome. Like I said, I’m glad we could do it. It means a lot. I didn’t realize that there was that many. I really didn’t. It shouldn’t be. And more of the community should kick in.”

Buster and Nelda Tindel were able to meet with the students during lunch, who had no idea of the couple’s generosity.

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