Counterfeit Bills Circulating Jackson Co.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is warning businesses and consumers about a possible counterfeit money ring in the county.

Over the past two weeks, the department has found a number of $100 and $20 bills used to make purchases at local businesses. The fake money closely resembles legitimate bills. The Sheriff’s Office is encouraging businesses to train their employees to be on the lookout for more counterfeit bills. The department says businesses can contact their local banks if they have any questions about how to identify a counterfeit bill.

Captain Curtis Spiers of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says, “It’s hurting in the long run the consumer, its hurting the consumer, because in the long run, this kind of loss to the business causes them, obviously, to pass that loss to the consumer. So obviously, it would be the consumer along with the business itself.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, counterfeit bills have been showing up from Moss Point to D’Iberville. Deputies say they are currently following leads in the case.

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