Corpus Christi NICU babies evacuated to Northern Texas

At least ten critically ill babies from a hospital in Corpus Christi will ride out Hurricane Harvey in North Texas.
They began arriving Thursday on airplanes equipped with specialized medical equipment after they were evacuated ahead of the storm. Four planes each carried one or two of the newborns at a time, making several flights from Corpus Christi to Meacham Airport in Fort Worth.
Medical professionals worry that a hospital power outage on the Texas coast could shut down the machines the babies need to survive.
The newborns weighing less than a pound will stay at the neonatal intensive care unit at Cook Children’s Medical Center. Hospital officials say it will be the safest place for the babies to wait out the hurricane. Director of Transport Debbie Boudreaux said, “They made a wise decision to get them out as quickly as possible. The problem keeping them there is the ventilation system they’re on, the lifesaving ventilator, would not be able to be maintained without electricity.”
Chief Nursing Officer Cheryl Peterson said, “So we feel well prepared to take care of these children and we have room in our neonatal intensive care unit.”
The babies’ parents are driving up from the Coast to join their children at the hospital.

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