Corps of Engineers to appeal Bonnet Carre Spillway ruling

The battle over the Bonnet Carre Spillway continues.

The Army Corps of Engineers now appealing the decision from a recent lawsuit that says local Coast governments and fishery organizations must be consulted on any future openings of the spillway.

The corps filed that appeal Monday at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

Federal Judge Louis Guirola made that initial ruling in January after a lawsuit was filed by the Mississippi Sound Coalition on behalf of numerous local governments, tourism groups, and fishery organizations.

The original ruling also mandates the corps to consult with the National Marine Fisheries Service regarding impacts of any future spillway openings.

At the time, attorneys for the Mississippi Sound Coalition said the decision does not prevent the corps from opening the spillway if Mississippi River water levels get too high, only that the corps must consider ways to mitigate damage to ecosystems in the Mississippi Sound.

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