Cook Road connector meeting

The Jackson County Planning Department is holding a public meeting on the future rezoning of the first phase of the I-10 Cook Road Corridor Project.
The county has been working on this connector project for years as an effort to bring business to the St. Martin area. Phase one comes in over $10 million in BP funds and expands the roads east from the Promenade and Sangani Boulevard into Jackson County.
Tonight’s meeting allows the public to address any concerns about the plan before the planning commission meeting on September 20th. Jackson County District 4 Supervisor Troy Ross said, “We’ve got some environmental permitting issues that we’re going through now. Hopefully that won’t take much longer and then we’ll be able to clear the land that’s not cleared yet and move the utility and at that point we’ll be able to reward a contract to start building the road in phase one which will take the curve portion of that road out.”
Anyone interested in going to the public meeting can head to the St. Martin Community Center off Lemoyne Boulevard tonight between 4 and 6.

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