Controversy Continues Over Waveland Ground Zero Museum

Controversy over the Waveland Ground Zero Museum continued Wednesday. Mayor Mike Smith tells News 25 the auditorium room in the museum is needed for the Waveland Police Department to hold criminal court cases while the new Waveland police station and jail are being built.

However, that leaves very little space in the museum for any displays, so the museum’s Board of Directors was interested in moving the museum to the Infinity Science Center. After the Mayor caught word of museum employees planning to remove artifacts from the building, he padlocked the doors.

Mayor Smith says, “I met with those folks today and so we’re working towards solving these issues, and with me, it was only I needed to protect the city’s assets and I did what I needed to do at the time. As harsh, and I feel like it was kind of harsh, but and yet it was in protections of the city’s assets.”

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