Construction on Scarlet Pearl is Right on Schedule

The Scarlet Pearl is right on schedule and hopes to open about a year from now.

Construction is still in the structural phase, but the building is starting to take form as Roy Anderson Corp. and sub-contractors forge ahead. The Scarlet Pearl and construction companies have continued to work with the surrounding D’Iberville community to ensure they are good stewards in the community. Roy Anderson Corp. believes they have been successful, as neighbors often sit out on their porches to watch construction, or stop by to comment on the progress.

Jason Taylor of Roy Anderson Corp. says, “We’re still in the structure phase, but the curtain wall, which is the enclosure on the hotel tower, is on a boat as we speak. When that comes in, that will start the enclosure, which will allow us to starting planning for the finishes on the inside.”

In the next six weeks, Roy Anderson Corp. hopes to wrap up the structural phase and start the exterior of the building.

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