Consideration of naming North Gulfport Middle School gym after Coach Bobby J. Jones

At the Harrison County School District board meeting this evening, the North Gulfport Middle School alumni asked the board to consider naming the Wildcat’s gym after a Gulfport legend.

Wildcat alum Beverly Coleman asked the board to consider placing Coach Bobby Joe Jones’ name on the wall outside the gym at North Gulfport Middle School.

Jones built a legacy of winning and produced great athletes and students during his time as principal, assistant principal, teacher, head boys and girls basketball coach, and head football coach at North Gulfport.

At age 75, Coach Jones continues to give back to the community, working with kids, students, and former students as well as volunteering with the boys basketball team at Harrison Central High School. Coleman said, “He is worthy of it and he’s deserving of it. He’s built a legacy in North Gulfport Middle School and has given that talent to Harrison Central to make them a dynasty. All those championships, Coach Bobby Jones has a lot to do with that. And we feel that he is worthy. And we need to honor him. At 72, what better way to honor him by putting his name on the place where he developed. That’s North Gulfport Middle School.”

Coleman also announced that the sign with Coach Jones’ name would be donated by the North Gulfport Middle School alumni group. The school board agreed to take the naming under consideration.

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