Conservation Education Field Day

This morning a group of lucky fourth grade students ditched their desks for the day to take part in the Conservation Education Field Day at the Harrison County Farm.
The Harrison County Soil and Water Conservation District put on the event, aiming to get students interested in subjects like agriculture, native wildlife biology and conservation.
One of the educators participating in the event tells News 25 that instilling interest in children at a young age is the key to capturing their attention and nurturing the next generation of conservationists. USDA Biologist Barry Pessoney said, “We try to get them interacting as much as we can, but the overall theme to all of it again is we try to put them back in touch with basic conservation and farming practices. I think it’s a win-win for both the kids and my experience has been they go back and talk to their parents and more parents enjoy coming out with their kids each and every year.”
Topics covered included forestry, snake safety, the importance of recycling, a close examination of our soils, and basics of marine science.

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