Congressman Mike Ezell celebrates 100 days in office

Congressman Mike Ezell is celebrating 100 days in office.

Since taking his oath of office to become a United States congressman, Representative Ezell has achieved many things in his first 100 days.

When asked about the journey so far, Ezell says the most memorable thing was honoring the lives of the two fallen Bay St. Louis police officers by introducing his first bill.

Ezell also says he believes working in law enforcement for 42 years prior to taking office has helped him accomplish many tasks after being appointed to the Homeland Security Committee. “We’ve helped over 250 South Mississippians with problems they’ve had with their social security, VA benefits, and some other folks that have had trouble with their passports, IRS issues, and we’ve been able to directly help over 250 people in South Mississippi on our case work. So that’s been very exciting for me to be able to have something that we can measure that we’ve actually done something for South Mississippi.”

On Wednesday, Ezell will be in a committee hearing that asks Homeland Secretary  questions about his role and what is happening on the border.

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