Confederate Memorial Day

Today, Mississippians across the state are celebrating Confederate Memorial Day as they honor the estimated 258,000 Confederate soldiers and sailors who died fighting against the Union.

The holiday is observed in several southern states since the end of the American Civil War. The holiday was promoted by southern state legislatures after the Civil War to honor the sacrifice of those who gave their lives fighting for a cause they believed in.

Confederate Memorial Day recalls the surrender of the last major Confederate field army that took place at Bennett Place on April 26th, 1865. News 25 spoke to Kitsaa Stevens with Beauvoir. She tells us more about the importance of this holiday. “It was kind of a way for them to honor their ancestors, for them going to war to fight for what they believed in, but it also helps honor the entire family and the generations that came after. They are very, very proud of their southern heritage.”

Beauvoir hosted their annual Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony this past Saturday at the Beauvoir Memorial Cemetery.

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