Community-wide parent meeting in Gulfport

Tonight, the Gulfport Concerned Citizens Coalition, alongside Councilwoman Ella Holmes-Hines, held a parents meeting at the Isiah Frederick Community Center in Gulfport
“I want him to know that he can be whatever he wants to be, and to strive for the best in his life.” Thirty-seven years after raising a child, Donna Holmes is now given the task to raise her grandson. “Well, he’s only 19 months old and it’s been 37 years since I’ve raised a child, so everything’s changed. I need to get an update as to the best way to raise them.”
Parents and guardians looking for parenting insight gathered at the Isiah Frederick Community Center in Gulfport where they received tips from a panel of diverse parents in the community. Panelist Carl Rogers said, “Parenting is taking on responsibility, doing what you’re supposed to do with what you brought to the world. If I brought you into the world then it is my responsibility to make sure you have a good start and a good life and be protected.”
Some of the tips discussed for ‘better parenting’ during tonight’s meeting included leading by example, providing children with structure, consistency as a parent and being involved with your child’s school. Gulfport Concerned Citizens Coalition President Richard Marsh said, “Somethings you get right, somethings you get wrong. There is no perfect parent. My thing is that we need to reach out and help those that need help. When you have a family that may have seven or eight kids in it, they need help.”
Marsh says the meeting wasn’t just about sharing tips with parents, but also providing them with a support system that they can count on to help raise the Gulfport youth. “We can raise one another by looking out for one another, we can do that. All we have to do is take a hands-on approach to it. Have an open door, have an open phone line.”

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