Community group in Biloxi rallies against bullying

A community group in Biloxi organized a small anti-bullying rally held Saturday to raise awareness and halt the spread of hate in the hallways.

Nonprofit ‘Let me be Great’ set up at John Henry Beck Park and invited guest speakers, parents, and kids for games, food, and activism.

Bullying is known to heighten depression and anxiety and cause mental health issues that may continue into adulthood.

A senior student at Pearl River Central High School took his own life earlier this year after a long history of having been bullied.

Anita Harrion, the organizer of this rally, said she hopes to help curb bullying in Gulf Coast schools with events like this. “It’s to the point where when you have kids taking their lives, from this type of event, we need to be more aware of our kids. Like one of the speakers said, we need to take more time out with our kids. Sit down with our kids. Ask more questions. Ask them how their day is going.”

The Mississippi Sickle Cell Foundation also set up for the program to raise awareness about sickle cell anemia.

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