Community comes together to pick up wreaths placed at Biloxi National Cemetery

The wreaths at Biloxi National Cemetery have officially been stored away for next year.

A record number of volunteers came out to pick up wreaths at Biloxi National Cemetery.  This marked the ninth year of laying and picking up wreaths.

Approximately 26,000 wreaths had to be picked up. Last year the job took over three hours, this year it took two-and-a-half hours.

Organizers say that’s a sign of the community’s continued support. Biloxi National Cemetery Director Albert Maxwell said, “It’s heartwarming for me because that shows that the community as a whole along the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast, they care. They care about the veterans, they care about the family, and they care about the Gulf Coast.”

Kevin Cuttle with Crusaders for Veterans said, “It’s pretty touching to a lot of people.”

Of course, the wreaths will be used again next holiday season.