Community Calls for Traffic Light at Intersection of Wreck

The tragedy in D’Iberville this past Friday is causing old concerns to come back to the surface. Students, Amanda and Jimmy Ward, were killed driving to school.

The intersection of Highway 67 and Big John Road has raised eyebrows before, but with the recent deaths of the brother and sister, those concerns are back to the forefront. Parents and employees have been calling for traffic lights or speed limits in the area, but neither has occurred. Arlene Johnson, a D’Iberville High School employee, says, “They’ve needed a stoplight here for a long time because traffic is trying to go this way, we have people coming this way and turning and it’s really dangerous.”

That danger has now claimed the lives of two young D’Iberville High School students. While parents have complained about this intersection where Friday’s accident occurred, they’ve also complained about another intersection as well, at the corner of Highway 15 and Lamey Bridge Road, only a couple of miles away. This intersection brings its own set of dangers as well. Karen Sterrett, D’Iberville High parent, says, “There have been countless accidents and fatalities at that intersection and even though there is a stop sign for one direction, the north south Highway 15 does not stop. Most of the time, the flow from Lamey Bridge, which does have a stop sign, they go straight through it, and it’s a tragedy that could easily be corrected by a traffic light there.”

News 25 spoke with the Mississippi Department of Transportation (M.D.O.T.) and they are performing a corridor study. This includes Lamey Bridge Road, Woolmarket Road, Big John Road, Highway 15, and Highway 67. This will determine the best method to correct the current dangers faced by drivers using these intersections.

Until the study is completed, M.D.O.T. will be adding flashing red lights on existing stop signs and bubble strips along Big John Road, an addition they hope will prevent accidents before a more permanent solution is found.

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