Committee to Host Public Workshops

If you live near the Seabee Base or Keesler Air Force Base, the Gulf Regional Planning Committee wants to hear from you.
The committee made an announcement about a land use study back in May. The study is meant to look at the economic impact of the bases along with the experience of home owners or residents near them.
The committee wants to develop a plan for the future development of these bases, but first they want to create a conversation where residents can bring their concerns to them and needed changes can be made if necessary.
Elaine Wilkinson, executive director for the Gulf Regional Planning Commission, said, “A lot of times, it’s all good. We want to hear if there’s anything else going on that we need to be aware of. Then some of the solutions could just be better communication or it may be that we just need to talk about time of day of activities and location of activities so that people may not be disrupted by it.”
Public workshops for residents around Keesler Air Force Base will be August 23rd at the D’Iberville Town Green and on the 25th at the Biloxi Community Development Building.
Seabee Base workshops will be August 29th at the Woolmarket Community Center and August 30th at the Westside Community Center in Gulfport.

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