Commercial Development on Coast at All-Time High Since Katrina

Commercial development on the Coast is at an all-time high since Hurricane Katrina, and many local officials believe there is more to come.

Chairman of the Mississippi Gaming Commission, John Hairston, says over the next three years, south Mississippians can expect to see more development, including hotels, theme parks, and music venues. Hairston says the new amenities will help draw more tourism to the area and sustain our economy.

Hairston says, "At long last, I really think we’re gonna’ see that Convention Center Headquarters Hotel, and I think we’ll see hotel rooms built within walking distance of the Convention Center to maximize the investment that we’ve already made, I think we’ll see that. I think we’ll see a return to family attractions, that we have a few, but not enough. I think we’ll see mini golf like we’ve never had before. I think we’ll see family attractions to come, music is exploding."

Hairston believes music will soon become a major attraction on the Coast and will encourage guests to visit again.

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