Comeback Coolers organization returns from Lake Charles

The ‘Comeback is greater than the setback,’ that’s the motto for ‘Comeback Coolers,’ a nonprofit organization based out of Ocean Springs.

Last weekend, 80 volunteers traveled to Lake Charles bringing Hurricane Laura survivors coolers filled with goodies and for adults, beer.

Volunteers in the organization break up into teams and donate the coolers to individuals they see outside working on their houses. The majority of the volunteers have been through similar natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Florence.

This was their biggest mission so far with almost 900 coolers delivered, over 100 linemen buckets, and over 150 kids coolers delivered. Organizer Heather Eason said, “Well, I think everybody had a really good experience or I hope that they did. There’s a lot that goes on in this mission or at least more than meets the eye. There’s something really special about the human connection that happens when we’re bringing these coolers out to people that are working. It’s a little different, well actually a lot different, then going to a distribution center and picking things up because these people actually get to connect.”

Each cooler is decorated and after the cooler is donated, the organization will take a photo of the recipient with the cooler and post it on their Facebook page. This is done so the artist can see who received their cooler.

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