Comeback Coolers bringing aid to Tennessee flood victims

One hundred and seventeen coolers have officially been filled and are ready to bring relief to those in middle Tennessee.

The local organization Comeback Coolers is bringing over 100 coolers, 75 lineman buckets, and 25 kids coolers to those affected by the recent flooding in Waverly, Tennessee.

Nearly 30 volunteers showed up in Ocean Springs this evening to help pack the coolers with bottled water, soda, beer, and ice.

Each Comeback Cooler is decorated by hand by volunteers to bring words of encouragement to those receiving them. Comeback Coolers Volunteer Cory Ripmaster said, “When you see the connection of the person that got the cooler, they post on Facebook ‘hey we just received this cooler, we’re flooded.’ And then they connect with the person that actually made the cooler and you get this odd connection of someone on the Coast and someone from Tennessee, they both experience hardships with a natural disaster and they both know and you see that connection and that’s special. That’s something special with the with the Comeback Cooler that can’t be replicated.”

The coolers are expected to be passed out Saturday and volunteers will then begin to see pictures of the coolers they decorated with their new owners on social media.

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