Combat Veterans Honor Ride

With Cruisin’ right around the corner, many people are bringing out their hotrods out of the garage for a week full of excitement, but before the cars begin Cruisin’, the bikers are getting out for a good cause.
The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is hosting an honor ride to the Biloxi National Cemetery where a wreath will be laid to honor fallen victims.
More than a hundred bikers across the southeast will be joining the ride and the director of the Mississippi region tells News 25 why it is important to ride for veterans. Sebastian “Ranger” Pellerito with Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association said, “This rally is very important to us because it is regional to the United States of America. We have states here from Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida. We keep the unity tight. The communication is tight. We are all on the same sheet of music at all times. We’re here for veterans helping veterans.”
The ride begins at 9:30 sharp tomorrow morning according to Pellerito and assembles in the Sear’s parking lot in Biloxi.

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