Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is ‘Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.’

Today, some South Mississippian’s had a chance to learn about the importance of being screened for the disease during Merit Health Biloxi’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Event.

Getting a screening for colon cancer can save your life and early detection is key to fighting the disease and Linda Dawe of Gautier would agree.

Three years ago, Linda went into Merit Health Biloxi for a colonoscopy when doctors found a three by six tumor.

After using their cutting edge robots, doctors were able to remove the tumor and now Linda is a stage three colorectal cancer survivor. “I go out and I tell people the importance of having a colonoscopy and when I get a message from a friend or someone that says ‘Hey, Linda. I got my colonoscopy done.’ It’s a bonus. It’s life changing so by spreading my story and then I am helping others.”

Dr. Ramon Brown of Merit Health says people who are 45-years-old should start to get screenings.

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