College students volunteer for Spring Break with a Purpose

Some college students like to go to the beach or maybe hit the mountains for spring break, but for some students, they use their time to give back.

Phyllis Madden’s prayers of fixing up her house were finally answered after waiting five years. A grandmother who is raising her three grandchildren will have a newly renovated house inside and out with help from college students around the world who choose to spend their spring break with a purpose. “I just know that them being in a place that is more safe and sturdy is going to actually help them grow a whole lot better.”

Back Bay Mission works with homeless, but also people living in poverty. They help homeowners with low income who need help with home repairs or renovations.

This is Back Bay’s first time partnering with universities during spring break to help one of their programs. They would like to make it an annual event. Back Bay Mission Executive Producer James Pennington said, “We need to create a culture of volunteerism in this country because we have a lot of people living in poverty. A lot of people who need assistance and help. A lot of people who are unsheltered. So, we wanted to kind of bring that to the next generation.”

For some college students, this was their first time in the south. They not only were able to help a family, but be a friend to those who get overlooked. Michigan volunteer Christian Lenon said, “Actually sitting down or standing around talking to the people that Back Bay helps, it fills your heart up a little. A lot of these people, they just want someone to talk to, someone to listen to, and talk back to them. That’s all that want, is to be heard.”

Belize volunteer Ulrck Meighan said, “We’re trying to get people willing to volunteer and come here to serve and help people’s lives better and safe. I’ll encourage people, if you don’t have anything to do in your spare time, check it out. At least get the experience to see and know what it feels like to be out of your comfort zone for once.”

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