College and Career Fair held at Harrison Central High School

Today, Harrison Central High School held their annual College and Career Fair for their juniors and seniors.

Students had the chance to meet with more than 40 colleges and career fair representatives in the gym.

The school says it is important to introduce a wide variety of opportunities because every career path does not include college.

With inflation and gas prices rising, it could also be difficult for students to travel to a career fair, so with the fair being held at the school, it makes it easier for students to choose what’s best for their future. Counselor Ashley Britten said, “These students are the future of our community, so it’s really important they are prepared for the work force, prepared for life after high school and the way we do that is try to provide experiences for them. We ask them to be responsible at school, we ask them to be responsible when they are out in the community and representing themselves and we try to do that with experiences like today.”

The school tries to help students prepare for life after graduation in multiple ways when it comes to student aid or touching up resumes.

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