Cold weather causes more car problems

Experts say the colder weather ahead in the forecast increases the chances for drivers to run into problems.
Professionals and mechanics at Allen Toyota in Gulfport tell News 25 it’s important for motorists to make sure their vehicles are prepared. Experts say the cold weather causes tire pressures to drop and drivers need to make sure their tires have treading good enough to handle ice.
Professionals also recommend checking your fluid levels and making sure there is no water mixed in so the liquids don’t freeze. Allen Toyota Service Manager David Potter said, “The worst you could have is a catastrophic failure while driving down the highway. A lot of the roads around here, mainly I-10, that’s where a lot of people drive, but also, if you need to get to work, you got to get to family, you just got to make sure that you’re bringing your car in and your checking it. Make sure your battery’s not going to be dead when you start the car, make sure your tires aren’t going to have any damage or issues while you’re driving.”
To stay prepared in case the cold does cause a dead car battery, the staff at Allen Toyota suggests that motorists keep a road kit with jumper cables, warm clothes, and road flares.

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