Cold-stunned turtles make their way to the Gulf Coast

We usually see Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles released into the Gulf after rehabilitation, but today News 25’s Sabria Reid was at Million Air Airport in Gulfport and got a live look at them arriving.

It was really a sight to see from the plane landing to students lined up carrying turtles to care.

Eighty cold-stunned Kemp’s ridley sea turtles landed in Gulfport for continued treatment and rehab. These turtles traveled from the New England Aquarium in Boston into the care of IMMS and the Mississippi Aquarium.

Thirty of the turtles are now under the care of IMMS and Mississippi State veterinary students. The hands-on experience for students offers them a chance to work and care for the most endangered sea turtle in the world. Mississippi State University Assistant Clinical Professor Debra Moore said, “All the veterinary students at Mississippi State University which is a very unique for this whole nation gets a chance to work with IMMS and work with species that are endangered. We will do blood work, physical examinations, do X-rays, and then we will see their condition a lot of them have pneumonia. They have to be treated appropriately for whatever the condition is.”

The turtles flew in on a plane associated with ‘Turtles Fly Too’ where 100 percent of their pilots volunteers to provide emergency air transport for affected species and critical response teams.

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