Cold Case in Ocean Springs

One fall night in 2009, an Ocean Springs man ventured to Gulfport to shoot some pool, never anticipating by the end of the night he would be stabbed to death in his own home.
That was nearly six years ago and no justice has been served for the victim, Michael Surber. It is a cold case the Ocean Springs Police Department says they are not going to give up on.
Linda Circle in Ocean Springs is a quiet neighborhood filled with the everyday sounds of barking dogs and children playing. But in 2009, one home was turned into a bloody crime scene.
Wade Vick, who was the victim’s neighbor, said, “We cut the wood out, unlocked the door from the inside. Come to find out, he was lying there. Then I called the police department and they showed up.”
Wade Vick was the first to find his 54-year-old neighbor, Michael Surber stabbed to death in his own home, a disturbing sight for Vick who had lived next door to Surber for 30 years. “We would help each other out after hurricanes. Christmas time we’d give each other gifts. I’d watch his house while he’s gone, he’d watch mine, get the mail. Stuff like that. He’s a very nice guy,” said Vick.
Today, nearly six years later the Ocean Springs Police Department is still searching for the killer of the nationally recognized billiards player. Captain William Jackson, detective with the Ocean Springs PD said, “He had been over to Skeeter’s Bar over in Gulfport, where he befriended a gentleman. They decided to leave together and Mr. Surber ran a couple of errands on his way to his house. Once he got to his house, that’s when we believe the incident took place and the gentleman that he was with took his life.”
Even though police have surveillance of the moments leading up to Surber’s death and a lead suspect, they still have not been able to close the case with an arrest. “It’s sad,” said Vick, “He was a very well-liked guy and I just wish they could get a closure on this because there’s a lot of people out there that’s still hurting over it, wondering what’s going on.”
Surber’s brother continues to call the Ocean Springs Police Department each month to see if any new details have developed on the case. That’s the main reason Captain Jackson says he won’t give up until an arrest has been made.
If you have any new information on the murder of Mike Surber, you can anonymously contact Crime Stoppers or call the Ocean Springs Police Department.

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