Coffee with a Cop takes place near Cruisin’ at Centennial Plaza

Gulfport Police officers say the best way to start off the morning is with coffee and donuts.

The Gulfport Police Department and some firefighters had their National Coffee with a Cop at Centennial Plaza near all the Cruisin’ the Coast action.

The department not only wanted to interact with Gulf Coast residents, but have a chance to let Cruisers get to know the people that protect the community.

Police Chief Adam Cooper tells News 25 people do not always meet them under the best of circumstances so this gives residents a chance to view the police as helpers in the community. “It’s a great day. This weather is phenomenal and everyone is out here to have a good time. We are hoping to spread a little warm coffee. All these officers out here, it does make their jobs easier, like I said, when you get to know somebody that you are actually going to a call and you’re not meeting somebody for the first time, they feel a little more comfortable with you. Sometimes officers feel alienated because people only see us in dire situations and this way, we get to know the people ahead of time.”

The department hosts Coffee with a Cop a couple of times a year. Check their Facebook page for information on the next one.

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