Coffee with a Congressional Hopeful

Today, Coast residents got a good dose of politics and caffeine, joining U.S. Congressional candidate E. Brian Rose for coffee in Gulfport.

The candidate welcomed the public out to share their thoughts on many of the hot button issues being debated on in Washington, D.C. Gun control, job creation, and veteran healthcare were just a few of the areas that Rose and potential voters visited during the meet up.

Rose tells News 25 that he wants to stay connected to voters and bring a much needed change to the nation’s capital. “The biggest threat to our country right now is our national debt and it keeps rising. We’re heading towards $22 trillion and if we keep electing the same people, they’re going to keep adding a trillion dollars or more to the national debt every single year and that is going to hurt us, just a few years in the future, when we get hit with massive taxes because somebody has to pay for this.”

Rose is set to debate Congressional incumbent Steven Palazzo sometime next month.

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