OR Cockpit unveiled at Ocean Springs Hospital

The next generation in operating room safety and efficiency is making its nationwide debut in Jackson County with the delivery of the OR Cockpit software suite at Singing River Health System.
The OR Cockpit is a revolutionary software system that monitors all facets of an operating room to optimize patient safety or efficiency and infection control with real time analytics throughout a surgical procedure.
The system has been installed in the OR suites at Singing River Health System’s Ocean Springs Hospital as a BETA test site, the first in the United States. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John Drake said, “Having all this data posted on the wall in the operating room where I can actually see it and we can have some follow up on that helps us get our day done. Not only does it help the patient, but it also helps get the patient started on time, help the case get turned over on time.”
The OR Cockpit was developed in the Netherlands and has been successfully deployed in hospitals across Europe.

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